Perch/Bass Fishing


Perch are a schooling fish so when you find one, you usually find many! Fishing for perch on Lake Erie can be non-stop action when you find the school. Found anywhere between 20 and 60 feet of water or more, perch are fished for by anchoring a boat and still fishing. The most popular way to fish for them is live minnow close to the bottom. Another popular time to fish for perch is through the ice when the lake is frozen over during the winter months. Lake Erie is known for it's "jumbo" perch sometimes weighing up to a pound each.


Bass fishing on PA's northcoast (Presque Isle shoreline) is heaven on earth. No where else can an astute angler catch and release dozens of 2 to 4 pounders each day and usually manage to land at least one bass 5lbs. or better.

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